Fixtures for Track Lights


I have some track lighting in my office that is controlled by one x-10 wall switch.

I want to find some light fixtures for track lighting that are X-10 controlled (or other remote) that can be turned on and off independently. Sometimes I only want one of the several lights on, and that just does not work right now.

Has anyone heard of such a thing?

Thank you.

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Homer L. Hazel
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Short of putting a Socket Rocket in each bulb, no.

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Bill Kearney

"Homer L. Hazel" wrote in news:H3KCl.2624$ snipped-for-privacy@newsfe21.iad:

I don't know if an X-10 solution exists. There are lighting tracks with multiple circuits. Would you be willing to replace your tracks?

I have seen tracks with two circuits. The direction of the base when it is latched onto the track determines which circuit it will be on.

I believe that there are tracks with four circuits.

Interesting challenge. Good luck!

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