can use AOL 8 software with non-AOL DSL service?

I have recently got DSL (called ADSL in the UK)through my work, but it only works with my work computer (I think they have configured the gateway to do this). My husband (on advice from HIS work) has got a different wireless/wired ADSL gateway and we are trying to get this to work with any or all of our computers - my personal laptop (the one that doesn't work with my work gateway) currently accesses the internet via AOL. Although I hate AOL, I am not willing to lose my screen name of 8 years, so want to continue using them for email, at least. question: will I be able to fiddle my personal laptop and AOL 8 (currently dialup) to work with the generic OfficeConnect/3Com router/gateway supplied by my husband's IT department, or will I have to bite the bullet and subscribe to AOL Silver or Gold? I am looking for the cheapest and easiest option, obviously.

Also, my work told me that you cannot use other PCs with their supplied modem/gateway - I presume that this is a restriction on the actual modem/gateway, rather than on the line itself? in other words, with the correct configuration parameters, should my husband be able to use HIS work Laptop with HIS work modem/gateway on MY work's provided DSL line? Rather confusing I know, but any advice gratefully received! Helen Taylor

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If you hate it then why do you want to be associated with it? Just get another email account and do an easy one time blast to your contacts and leave aol behind.

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In the States, if you can get the PC to work with regular internet TCP/IP, e.g., get a browser and other normal internet clients to work, then you can use the AOL 7.0, 8.0 or 9.0 clients to connect over TCP/IP.

There is a reduced price bring your own access plan that, if available, would work for you.

Even if you can't get the AOL client to work, you can still do your email with AOL webmail at their site or use a standard IMAP email client like Outlook Express, provided you can get regular internet programs to work.

Gary E

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Gary A. Edelstein

I don't know what the BYOA plan costs in the UK but in the U.S. it is about $14.95 for unlimited use. I prefer using the $4.95 a month plan which gives you 180 minutes which is more then enough to take care of the email while using another ISP for unlimited browsing.

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