Which Router AOL

Any wireless router will do really .... is price an issue?

Adsl modem redundant ......

Router into BT Adsl line socket / filter, additional cable from router into PC which must be fitted with a network card (most 'new' PC's are) so signal from router to PC1 is via the network cable ... signal to laptop and additional PC's (don't tell the kids) in the garden / other rooms is via wireless signal, each 'additional' PC laptop must have a card to receive signal.

No extra accounts needed (although not 100% sure with AOL which I HATE!!!!! - Sorry)

Fairly easy to run an 'open' network ( neighbour can log in!!) more complicated to secure it AND get it working effectively (a problem I have at the moment)

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Jack Ouzzi
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My friend has AOL. He would like a wirless point. Not being 100% savvy , which router does he need?

Does the connection from the ADSL modem plug into the wirless point and then a lead run to his USB port on his PC. Or will he need a wirless card in his PC. The reason he wants wirless is so his daughter can access the net from her room and he can use his laptop in the garden.

Will he then be able to use his AOL software on each PC or will he need extra accounts.


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Big Brian

If you get a Netgear DG834G from Dixons or PC World, with the AOL bundle, it comes with a CD that sets it all up for you - very easy for AOL users

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So technically it's not unlimited then!! If the ISP slows downloads at specific times how can that be unlimited??

I'm not having a go at you Martin, it's just typical of the hidden pitfalls and other catches of many ISP's in this country. I personnaly feel we pay enough for these services in any case, along with rip off BT, the highway robbers of the telephone network for years, it's another tax on the ordinary persons pleasure. Grrrrr

ps I have just transferred my line rental AWAY from BT to another cheaper 'routing' company.

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Jack Ouzzi

For wifi connection you need ethernet (NOT USB) modem / router / wifi, usually supplied all in one box. I would recommend D-Link 604-T available from PC World / Dixons ~£70 including one wifi USB adaptor suitable for either desk or laptop. Probably bit cheaper from online suppliers like broadbandbuyer.co.uk - quite easy to set up too. Avoid Netgear, unless you fancy forever updating firmware.

Save your friend a bit of hassle and money, tell him to switch from AOL to better and cheaper ISP like Plus.Net, switching is free, 'Broadband Plus' option is only £14.99 p.m. for 2Mb/s connection and unlimited usage (although they slow down music, video and binary downloads at busy periods for this option). In case you / he do/es so please use my ID 'wester' as a referrer and save me few pence, thanks regards, Martin

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On 11 Jun 2005 23:14:27 -0700, in alt.internet.wireless , "Jack Ouzzi"

Define "unlimited". Even if they did nothing at all, you'd still be limited to around 2GB/day, and that assumes no contention either for your local line or for the site you're accessing.

If the above is true, then it'll be in the T&C. Its not entirely hte ISP's fault if people don't read the contract.

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Mark McIntyre

With AOL working through a router you will have to put in the primary login name plus "@aol.com" or it won't connect.

However if you intend to run internet banking services like barclays I have found its a real pain.

Get some more info at:

formatting link

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OneTel ? They stop you using cheaper services like 1899 etc. ! Regards, Martin

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