Actiontec GT701-WG Lockups

I have an Actiontec GT701-WG DSL Router that I got from Qwest in the last few days. Behind this unit, I have a Linksys BEFVP41 VPN Router. I have the Actiontec configured with the DMZ forwarding all incoming traffic to the Linksys Router.

The Actiontec has been locking up on me a lot. It seems to be happening when I establish more than one simultaneous IPSEC tunnel from the Linksys router to multiple other Linksys VPN routers at remote locations. If I have two tunnels open, the Actiontec has been locking up every 5 minutes.

When it locks up, nothing works. I can't ping the unit, connect to wireless, etc.....

I am running the latest firmware (QW03- that Qwest has available.

Does this sound like a firmware issue or bad hardware? (Note: I replaced the Actiontec with a CISCO 678 that I had lying around, which has been working like a champ).

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Mike Schumann
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Does it really matter if it's bad firmware or bad hardware? If you were already to isolate the problem to this unit then just return it and get something different. Why would you want a DSL Router when you have a VPN router anyway? Get a boring old standard bridge device (aka modem) with no fancy routing ability and let the VPN Router do the work.

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Mike Drechsler - SPAM PROTECTE

That's my thinking exactly. The only reason I ended up with the Actiontec, is that currently, that's what Qwest sends you.

Mike Schumann

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