Actiontec GT701 and WRT54G (Running DDWRT Micro)

I have a Qwest DSL Actiontec GT701 (not the GT701-WG version) modem and a Linksys WRT54G running DD-WRT Micro.

This situation works, but is not what I want: Actiontec is plugged into the Linksys WAN port; my computer is plugged into a Linksys LAN port. The Actiontec supplies a DHCP address and becomes my gateway. Internet works.

This situation does not work, but after searches has lead me to believe

*should* work: Actiontec in Transparent Bridging mode, the Linksys set to PPPoE mode with my username and password in it. The Linksys is never able to create the connection.

Now I know Qwest doesn't officially support PPPoE and insists on PPPoA but I set the Actiontec into PPPoE mode and it worked just perfectly so this leads me to believe that the Linksys should also work in PPPoE but I just can't get it to work.

I'm open to other suggestions, I basically just want the Linksys to handle all the finer points (QoS, routing, wireless, security, etc) and the Actiontec to just pass along the internet. Anything that'll get me there would be great.

Thanks in advance for anyones input/help

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