Actiontec not forwarding vpn traffic

Hey gang, I have an Actiontec for my DSL modem and behind that a M$ vpn endpoint. Problem is, this Actiontec does not appear to be forwarding the GRE packets... and it's really driving me crazy. The tcp port 1723 traffic is going through just fine, but GRE is not, even though I setup GRE in the Actiontec's "port forwarding" section.

Anyone have any clues, else I go mad!

On a related note, I telneted ino this thing to avoid using the web/http setup and lo and behold - this little bugger is running Linux! Yep, iptables and all! Now I feel bad for all the verbal abuse I had been giving it. Anyway, I tried inputing the chain rule manually, and still this little guy refuses to pass GRE traffic, even though I clearly see it in the iptables list! Any thoughts, please!?

Actiontec GT701-wg (provided by qwest)



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