Cavalier Drops the Ball

Boy, here is a real blast at Cavalier, I discovered on the www this morning at my favorite online newspaper,

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I was considering Cavalier as my dsl source until I read this one.

"Cavalier Drops The Ball "Due to the lack of network services caused by Cavalier's inabilty to provide us a stable connection, Virginia News Source will be late getting updated today. "Water in the lines is the problem..." says Cavalier Tech support ..... YESTERDAY! We will update the news when Cavalier decides to get on the ball."

"Water in the lines" Is that a valid problem. From the readers viewpoint, whatever they were using before worked well until they attempted to shift to Cavalier. Why didn't the water bother them them?

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Water can accumulate in underground spaces used to feed telephone and other cables to homes and businesses. When this happens, the signal will be degraded. I've had this happen to me with land-line telephone service (pre-DSL), and it completely ruined my ability to make a conventional modem connection because of all the crackling noises. (They were audible even on voice calls.) In my case, the problem just cropped up after close to a year of living in a place. It would appear when it rained, then go away a few hours after the rain stopped.

As to why the problem occurred when the company you cite changed carriers, I don't know. It could be their old carrier used a physically different cable, run through different passages; or perhaps they changed physical cables within a bundle and happened to get one that was more susceptible to the problem; or it could be coincidence, and the leak just developed at about the same time. I'm not familiar with Cavalier, but most DSL providers rely on the local phone company to handle the physical phone lines up to the customer's premises. If the claim of water problems is true, that's a problem with the local phone company's infrastructure, and would be as likely to occur with one carrier as with another. In other words, I wouldn't cast too many stones at Cavalier over this; they didn't cause the problem, and there's very little they can do to fix it, aside from complain to the local phone company.

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Rod Smith

That could explain the sluggishness of my DSL connection for the last 2 days. It's been intermittent and only barely noticeable.

I've been using CAVTEL for about 6 months now. While the service has not been not perfect it hasn't been a terrible experience. I've had 2 problems that impacted availability, one of which was extended (8 hours). Generally however, its been available about as much as my girlfriends Comcast cable connection, and a tad faster.

I've felt comfortable recommending it to friends.


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