tFTP syntax for Telnet saving Actiontec config.

I'm looking for the correct tFTP syntax for Telnet saving Actiontec config.

I'm trying to save the setup configuration in a Qwest Actiontec GT701-wg. (This is the same as used by such as Verizon, and similar to the GT704, which has 4 Ethernet rather than the one of the GT701.)

Using the tips at "3.2 Saving the configuration (Windows)" in "ActiontecGT701" at

formatting link
(among others) I got as far as

8) in Telnet: tftp -l -p

Apparently, I do not have the correct syntax. I found "tftp commands vary across different implementations" [Section 4.1,

formatting link
, and others]

I'm using Win98 on Ethernet to the GT701. Browsing to accesses the GT701 user interface okay. For Telnet, I have Tera Term Pro 2.3 (T. Teranishi, 10 Mar. '98) and Tera Term Pro Web 3.1.3 (T. Teranishi and, 07 Oct. '02) For tFTP I have Tftpd32 v.2.80 Build Jan. 14 '05 (Philippe Jounin) I don't know where to find all the values for setting up tFTP. For "server interface" I'm using the assigned IP address ( for the client where I'm working. For Tftp Client tab, "Host" I'm using the, Port 23, the same as Telnet uses successfully. For File, I tried the "-l -p" (without the quotes). At the Telnet prompt, I also tried tftp -l -p Telnet replies "unable to write" (I neglected to copy the exact message).

Any leads to answers would be appreciated. TIA

_____ detail _____

I have two Actiontec GT701-wg for which there is almost no documentation how they've been set up, and one is working verrry slowly; I want to save the configurations before further repair. (The other was working fine until it was relocated. That one powers up and lights go green okay, but it allows no access. The problem is likely syntax. I have the passwords, probably ; )` From viewing the default config.xml, it appears that comparing the installed config of the two might isolate problems.

Both devices appear to be fine otherwise. _____

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