WPA Disconnects- Please Help!

I have seen the same issue when using WPA with an Edimax WAP and Edimax cards (USB and PCI).

After about 20 mins I get the same on\off connection and it affects two separate PCs at the same time.

Since it affects two PCs at the same time you might think its a problem with the WAP, but a third PC equipped with a Intel Wireless card is completely affected.


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Stuart Robinson
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I'm using a Netgear WGR614 Router (on xp machine) with a WG111 wireless

USB adapter (on 98se machine). I have been using WEP security for weeks

with no problems and no disconnects. I wanted to start using WPA

security. It works fine for a few hours and then I get on-off-on-off

(green-red-green-red) connections. The only way I've been able to fix

it is to enter new a passphrase in the router and copy the numbers into

the wireless adapter. I know that the passphrase has a "key life timer"

but isn't that supposed to be an automatic change? I'm not even sure if

that's the problem. Is there something I'm doing wrong? There must be a

way to keep the WPA connection alive for more than a few hours. Should

I just go back to WEP? Please help. Thanks.

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Jennifer Morgan

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