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I have a netgear wgr614 router. I can connect to my companies VPN fine, but once I do that I can not see the external internet but only web sites on the internal company intranet. If I disconnect from the VPN then I can see the rest of the internet fine. This is causing me some issues and I'd like to resolve it. I currently am using two machines to work with, one is on the VPN and the other is not. I looked at my router config at

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but I saw nothing obvious though someone told me I need to use some particular IP address that he wasn't sure about.


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This is likely a feature of your company's VPN configuration. With Nortel, it is called "Mandatory Tunnel Mode", where it is mandatory that all traffic pass through the VPN tunnel. This is usually a good thing, unless you have devices on your local internet that you want to reach.

The alternative would be split tunneling, where you would be able to see devices through the VPN, and also your original network.

You have no control over it, but the VPN admins probably do.

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This doesn't occur on all wireless networks that I use. I've worked through the VPN at cafes and campgrounds where I can see both the internal intranet and the external internet. It doesn't work on my router at my condo however

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