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I have 2 laptops(both macs) connected to the same wireless network. Today I wanted to transfer a large file from one to the other so I got a crossover a cable and connect the two laptops directly to each other.

I wasn't exactly sure what would happen, it seems as though when I transfered the file they used the slow wifi connection. I had to disable wifi on one of the laptops in order to benefit from the increased speed of the ethernet cable.

Can someone explained how this setup actually works and what decides what connection is used?

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You can give the Ethernet port priority in the Network preference pane, or you can avoid the wireless network for file sharing by putting the Ethernet ports on the two Macs on a separate subnet and using the other machine's fixed IP address in the "Connect to Server" dialog.

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Neill Massello

Mark hath wroth:

The route priority is controlled by the router "Metric" or cost. The lower the cost, the more favorable the path. Windoze typically sets the ethernet ports to 20 and wireless to 30 thus giving ethernet priority over wireless. See article below of more detail:

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On Tue, 30 Jan 2007 22:21:51 -0800, Jeff Liebermann wrote in :

These are Macs.

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