Low local transfer on WRT54GL router


I encounter small problem with my WRT54GL router with Tomato firmware

1.21. Router is connected to Internet via Cable modem. I have 3 devices connected to this router - all of them via wireless connection. On one laptop (Windows XP Professional) I have FTP server (guildftp) plus emule and I think that's all. On other laptop there is Windows Vista Basic and I?m using this for simple internet - www, IM. And third device is Iphone, which is connected all the time, but data transmission is used only occasionally. No firewalls installed and active on any of the laptops. On one I have local, polish, arcabit antivirus software, on second home version of Avast. Nothing else. I?m having this configuration for some time, but I remember when I had other PC with Windows XP and Windows Vista Basic ? it was exactly the same ( I had them only for a while, so I didn?t think about that at all) And the problem i have is with transfer data between laptops ? I?m trying to download anything from laptop with Windows XP, through FTP using Total Commander I get transfer at 5 KB/s ? and it takes ages to download anything. Pinging each computer causes about 1/3 of pings not to be returned. PCs are close to router, from both of his sides. Connection to Internet works perfectly fine ? on both laptops I get full Cable modem speed, downloading and WWW works fantastic. Only transferring data between PC?s is awfully slow. How I can diagnose what is a problem? What i can do to transfer data not using usb flash drive?



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Try passive (PASV) ftp mode.

I'm not sure where to start. You have 3 computers, 3 different operating systems, and no clue how your running the test. You also supplied exactly one number (5 KB/s) which I can't tell if it's KBytes/sec or Kbits/sec. You also didn't mention if you're using wired to wired, wireless to wireless, or a mixture of connection types. You also didn't mention if you were running emule or other file sharing software while running your test.

Let's simplify things. Start with exactly two computers. Leave the iPHone out of the picture for now. Turn off emule, ftp, and any other servers you have running. Download iperf or jperf for Windoze:

Instructions and examples at:

Jperf is easier to use.

Setup iperf or jperf as a server on one machine with: iperf -s Record the IP address of the server as reported by ipconfig. Connect to the WRT54GL with a CAT5 ethernet cable.

On the other computer, set it as a client using just: iperf -c ip_address_of_server

You should see some benchmark results. You should get something like: Type-o-connect Approx thruput 100baseTX-FDX CAT5 80-90 Mbits/sec 10baseTX-FDX CAT5 8- 9 Mbits/sec 802.11g 54Mbits/sec 22-26 Mbits/sec 802.11b 11Mbits/sec 3- 6 Mbits/sec Try various combinations of CAT5 and wireless to see how it works. When you test it wireless to wireless, you'll get about half the indicated maximum speeds (due to store and forward).

With an all CAT5 connection, you're only testing the ethernet switch in the WRT54GL. If the speed is not up to what is expected, then there's something broken in the computer(s). When testing wired to wireless, you're going through the access point section. At no time, are you testing the WAN port, unless you place the test server on the WAN side. You can do that by setting the IP address of your iperf server PC to simulate an internet server. Then, setup your WAN interface for an IP address in the same Class C IP block, and pointing the default route to the IP address of the iperf server.

Come back with some numbers, and we'll try to guess what's wrong.

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