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Just purchased a SMC WIRELESS G PCI CARD 54MBPS(SMCWPCI-G-CA) for on sale plus rebate $20 from Best Buy. Set it up 2ft from new SMC route, but I can only receive 24mbps. Should I not get 54mbps at that distance

Checked SMC website Canada and US no such card listed.

Anyone have one of these cards and do you get RX rate 54 mbps at 1 to 2 ft. My old card 11mbps reads 11mbps RX rate.

Why do they rate this card at 54bps


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Thanks for your reply!

I also purchased new SMCWBR14-G wireless routers.

Yes I tried several distances most of the time I get 24mbps and farther away it drops to 11mbps. I changed channel to 11 from 6 still got the same results. I also tried changing the routers speed to g Nitro.

I never got the 54 mbps rate is this card just no good??

I went back to Best Buy to exchange the card but they were sold out and they not going to carry them anymore.

Thanks very much for the answers.

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J Poy

Maybe, maybe not. Did you try some more nominal distance, like 10 feet? I have only one antenna on my WGR614v4 Router and my WG511 shows 54MbpS at zero distance up to about 40 feet through a wall or two. Maybe routers with two antennas have a little trouble up close.

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Problem solved :-)

Thanks ALL!

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J Poy

Hey! Where's the answer?

I used to hate DejaNews. It seemed like there were 100 people with my problem, and no answers.

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Sorry about that!

As I was using the internet connection to checkout the RX rate of my wireless network card it always was 24mbps. When I transfer files from one computer on the network to my computer the rate increased to the full

54mbps. I forgot how slow my ADSL is.

Thanks aga>> Problem solved :-)

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