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I use netmeeting. Set up desktop sharing and use the transfer file option. It should be on your machines

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Hi. As re a previous post, I need to transfer a large amount of data, about

15GB, across a wireless network from one of my pc's to the other. I have just tried it using a simple copy and paste function through the shared files path on my network. It is pretty slow, and then I got an error about one of the files that wouldn't transfer, and the whole thing had to be started again.

Are there any pretty handy tools for managing such file transfers, that offer a little more adaptability and control than the simple cut'n'paste? Thanks.

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The Crow

If you do this regularly, then you might try FileSync - lots of features, and I used it regularly for a couple of years. But if this is a one-time thing, then I'd just struggle with cut'n'paste until victory.

Don't expect other apps to score better than cut'n'paste for transfer rate. WiFi is slow, and the file-copy STR is much slower than the advertised peak (11 Mb/s or 54 Mb/s) bit rate.

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Bob Willard

That explains a lot. I had expected my chunk to be done in a couple of hours. It's about fifteen percent of the way through, and we've been going over an hour. I'll stick with it though, if my transfer rate is not unnaturally low. I wish there was a transfer rate stat on the dialogue box though. Thanks again.

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The Crow

15GB as in one big file or a mess of smaller files?

The easiest way is to use xcopy from the command prompt instead of click and drag. My crystal ball suggests that you're running XP Home.

Go to the destination machine. Map a network drive for your source drive. Open a DOS window Run: cd /destination_directory xcopy source_drive . /s /e /v /c /h /k /o /y (my best guess. use xcopy /? | more for list of options) The dot is the current directory. The /v will slow you down because it verifies each file. The /c is the critical option, which ignores errors. The problem is that the files that windoze has open will not get copied. If you're trying to move the contents of one machine to another, there are better ways such as Norton Ghost, Drive Image, etc. I've never tried Norton Ghost over a wireless connection, but it works well over a wired LAN.

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Jeff Liebermann

Try downloading WSFTPD (and ftp server daemon) and then create a zip file of the files and folders you need to transfer. Then with the ftp command from the remote machine connect, navigate to the folder holding the zip file and transfer it.

Google WSFTPD to find where you can download it.

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