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This seems like an easy enough question hopefully there is an answer out there. I have a Netgear MR814 and it is connected to the internet and a couple of wireless laptops. Several classrooms away I have a network of 8 computers with static IPs using 3 uplinked Zonet ZFS3008P Switch/Hubs. Note that in that classroom I am able to receive the wifi signal from the Netgear. Here is what I would like to do without having to buy wireless network cards for all the computers or having to wire the Zonet to the Netgear. How can I get the 8 computers hooked up to the internet and obtain DHCP ip adresses from the wireless netgear. What device must I purchase? Specifics would be appreciated.


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Thomas H Splinter
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One easy way is to buy 2 wireless Access Points(APs). Hook 1 AP into the router and then connect the other AP into a hub where all the "remote" computers are located. Set the 2 APs to "bridge mode" and it should work just fine. I did this sucessfully and it works well. I have a 3 story house, including basement, and my router is on the top floor, while most of the comptuers are in the basement. One AP plugged into the router, one AP plugged into a hub in the basement, and they are good to go. The experts say to pick an alternate channel for the APs to be on than the router, if it is wireless. I have them all on the same channel and they all work fine. One VERY IMPORTANT though is to buy EXACTLY the same brand of AP as your router. NOT ALL are compatable with each other. If you buy one and it does not work, that is another trip to the store to trade for another brand! Stick with, in your case, Netgear. No buying just one AP will NOT work! You need to plug something into the hub and then have it connect back to the router, this is what APs in bridge mode are made for!

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f/f george

For WDS, the APs *must* use the same channel. For roaming -- access points connected to each other by wire -- channels should be spaced to avoid radio interference.

This applies to WDS but not to roaming, for which different brands of APs may be used.

From the Reference Manual for the Netgear MR814, I find no indication that it can do WDS. Few (if any) of the older 802.11b-only devices can. The OP will have to get two newer wireless boxes (of the same brand) to create a WDS bridge.

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Neill Massello

I have just plugged a DO-Link DWELL 700AP into the switch of the wired network and set it to client mode (it works in three different modes, AP, client or repeater). 700AP then picks up the wireless connection from router and all PC's can access internet/share files etc. It comes with a crossover cable as standard so you would have to plug it into an uplink port else use a normal cable and plug it into any other port.

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