wireless router, 2 APs and LAN problems


I'm a newbie in WLANs and looking for some help. I've connected 3 houses in this way:

  1. House A has an internet connection and a wireless router JAHT WA-4054EX. Friends from House A connect to the Internet using built-in switch so they don't use wireless technology. Internet is plugged into WAN connector on the switch.

2.House B has an access point (Jaht JWP-5001BP) which is connected to a normal switch (JAHT JS-2005EP) inside the house. Computers in House B are all connected to this switch. AP works in "client mode" and is connected directly to the wireless router in House A (router's MAC address is set in AP client mode configuration)

3.House C has one computer and one AP (JAHT JWP-5001BP) that also works in PA client mode and connects directly to the router.

The internet works fine and also I (House B) can ping/see computers that are in House A. The problem is that I cannot see the computer in house C and the computer in House C CANNOT see any computer in House B.

It looks like the router in House A doesn't work as a switch in our internal LAN? Why is it so? How should the APs and router be configured? I'd like to share some resources within all of us and for now it's not possibe.

If my description is not very clear I can do better :) Help


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Basically, you are trying to bridge 3 networks together. My guess is you need to run in bridge mode with A being the root bridge and B and C being non-root.

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