Internet not working with gigabit switch

Here is my current network setup:

I have a Soundstream 5100 DSL modem connected to the WAN port on my Hawking HWR54G Wireless-G 4-Port router, a SMCGS5 5-port Gigabit unmanaged switch connected to port 1 on my wireless router, and my built-in gigabit Ethernet computer is connected to port 2 on my gigabit switch. I will eventually be connecting my htpc and ps2 to the gigabit switch, but I wanted to test the setup before I started running wires.

My eventual goal is to share an internet connection with the ps2 and two computers, as well as share files on a gigabit network between the two computers. The problem is, right now with just my main computer connected, it isn't able to find the internet connection from the Hawking wireless router through the gigabit switch. However, the computer does see the gigabit connection and all ports on the wireless router and gigabit switch show the appropriate lights. When I take the gigabit switch out and connect the computer directly to the wireless router, the internet works just fine. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to change a setting on the wireless router, switch or connected computer? Is this setup even possible? Thanks.

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Greg M
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