Extended Range Antenna Question

My friend has poor reception in her part of the house with her router, and I was wondering If this antenna would work on her router.

The Antenna:

'D-Link - ANT24-0700 - 7dBi Omni-Directional Indoor Antenna at TigerDirect.com'

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The Router:

'Linksys WRT54G Wireless G Router - 54Mbps, 802.11g, 4-Port at TigerDirect.com'

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I know there are different ways that the antennas connect with to routers and I wasnt sure If these two were compatible. :huh:

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Answer to your question: ( No, connectors are different but there are adapters available.)

To help with her problem, we need to know what equipment she has. If she has none then she should look at N type Router and AP ( Greater speed and range)

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