Wireless problem in XP

I have a dual boot system with vista and xp2 Wireless works with vista not with xp Wireless card is the ip3945ABG - the wireless is detected and icon says it is working but a ping timesout. The driver in xp is not the latest but I do not know how to install the update - if that is the problem I have checked addresses, DNS etc and all are correct Any idea of what to do I am not wireless savvy and the local "expert" tried and left with no idea what the problem was. Brian

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Then it's not working.

You can always download the latest version and install it for the card using Device Manager.

The first thing you should do is see if the computer using XP can connect on a wire connection, as malware can infect the machine, and it can hose/knockout the connection on wired and wireless.

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Mr. Arnold

make sure DHCP client service is running and your wireless card gets assigned an IP by the router. No IP, no network, you know

you can also try XP TCP/IP repair and winsock repair

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repeat the ping test



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