Can't Acess Wireless Networking on Laptop

I had to change out hard drives on my laptop and when i did i used the disks that came with it to re-install all the software, drivers and operating system (i am running windows xp pro). everything works fine but networking, specifically wireless networking. my internal wireless (some kind of intel) will connect to my router at home, but not to any others! i don't get the wireless networking icon in the tray. "my network places" is empty "network connections" only shows the "internet connection" icon. I cannot use any of the wizards to setup any kind of connections, they all report i don't have the proper hardware. i cannot see the wireless on my device manager (i'm not sure where to look though). there is no icon for a lan connection either.

I tried to download the intel support and drivers for my wireless and it started and ran but it doesn't seem to recognize that the hardware is running in my computer.

one time i tried to setup a dial-up connection on the laptop and it brought up the system tray icon, but it would no longer connect to my home router and when i opened it to look for wireless networks none would ever show up. the wireless and lan icons showed back up in my "network connections" but still none of the wizards would work or the intel driver. i had to restore to before i setup the dial-up connection to get the wireless to work blind again.

If anybody has any idea how i can fix this please help.

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You will need to tell us what your laptop is and if it has the stock internal wireless card.

With this information someone might be able to help.

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