Boot Problem booting while second hard drive is attached!

I had only one Seagate SATA 160GB hard drive installed until yesterday when I acquired another hard drive (Seagate SATA 200GB). I have Vista running on my first hard drive and decided I would load Vista onto my second hard drive for when I move it to my other computer. Only problem is after the installation the computer would not boot. I disconnected the second hard drive and the first hard drive booted up just fine. I then plugged in the second hard drive and searched for new hardware. The second drive appeared and I formatted it. So, now it is completely cleaned and empty. I restart and my computer does not even get past loading the BIOS. I can't even enter setup utility. If I unhook the second hard drive's data cable, computer boots up just fine. I checked MSCONFIG and there is only the one Vista OS running off the first drive and is set as default. Please help. Thanks.

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On the drives - do you have the right jumper settings - master / slave?

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