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I have a Netgear wireless access point (router) that works perfectly with 2 wired and one wireless computer. I installed a wireless card in another PC. When it boots, it won't automatically connect to the network although it sees the network. I can connect manually after I get into windows and it works fine until I reboot. Upon booting into windows, I get a red X through the network notification Icon in my tray. Next to it there's an icon that shows the card's util has launched. If I double click this util icon, I get a box that 'warns' me that I'm not encrytped and asks if I want to connect even though I'm not encrytped. I check 'yes', then it connects and I can use the internet.

As a workaround, I tried turning on encryption. With encryption enabled, it connects automatically to the network, but has the wrong IP address (it shows although I have it set to 'assign an address automatically/DHCP). So because IP is wrong, I still can't get on the internet. With encryption disabled, it always has the correct IP, but won't connect automatically. result of these two problems is that can't use the internet wether I'm encrypted or not (unless I intervene as explained above).

My wife's computer, a laptop, has a wireless connection to the same access point, It connects automatically, has neither problem described above. She's running XP professional, the 'problem' computer is running XP home.

Is there a way to force the card to connect to my access point automatically when not encrypted? Is there a way to force the correct IP addy if I am encrypted?

Jeff B

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