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Easy. Your unspecified wireless card and unspecified wireless router are having some disagreement as to the WEP key or WPA phrase. Some cards and routers insist that the ASCII WEP keys be exactly 5 characters long for 64bit and 13 characters long for 128bit encryption. If you make them longer, the stupid firmware will sometimes just truncate the key to 5/13 characters. If you still have problems obtaining a common encryption key, try a hexadecimal encryption key of 10 or 26 characters. That's sure to work.

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Jeff Liebermann
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With a wireless card in my computer, Whenever I turn on encryption, the IP address shows as when I boot into windows. This even though I have 'set IP address automatically'. If I disable encryption, I get IP = after I manually connect and I can go on line. How can I make this card automatically give the correct IP addy while encrypted?


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Jeff B

On Sat, 01 Jan 2005 02:29:28 GMT, Jeff B spoketh

That usually implies that you haven't set the same encryption keys on both the wireless access point and the computer.

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