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Try a different PCI slot.

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John Navas
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i have recently bought a BELKIN 802.11g wireless desktop network card- and all the other stuff needed for a home wireless network.

On installation of the card in to my primary PC, startup hangs before windows even starts up, leaving me with a flashing cursor and not much else.As soon as i remove the card from the PCI slot and restart, the machine boots up fine

I have installed the card in my kids machine and was up and surfing within 5 mins. so its not the card

Any help/ideas would be much appreciated

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Sally Luke

I have seen similar problems with certain wireless PCI cards and certain motherboards. I.e. I have a D-Link 802.11b PCI card, and it crashes one of my motherboards (an Asus board, so it's not a no name junky board. It doesn't matter which PCI slot I put it in, the system will not boot with it installed. I don't know if it's some sort of BIOS problem, or what, but it's not worth the time to troubleshoot it.

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So were you able to find a different brand card that WOULD work?

John Jones, Detroit

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John Jones

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