media player with built-in wireless bridge

I am looking to add online capability to my Playstation2, and I'm also interested in network media players. I know I need the Sony network adapter and possibly a wireless ethernet bridge. The third piece could be a wired network media player also connected to the bridge.

Does anyone know of a device which combines the 2? For instance a wireless media player which also doubles as a bridge for a non-wireless device?


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Most ethernet bridges available right now have one port only. In your case, you'll need 2 ethernet bridges. Or, you can get yourself a WRT54G and put it into client mode. You can connect to it not only 2 devices but up to 4 since it has 4 ports.

BTW, you will need to flash its firmware with hacked versions like DD-WRT or Alchemy.


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DLink's DSM-320 has both.

Eric wrote:

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I've looked at a few wireless network media players, but don't recall any having a LAN port out. (Which, in essense, would make the media player also a "wireless-ethernet adapter".)

Great idea though. Kills two birds with one stone.

I can, however, report that I've used a small mini-hub to give two devices connectivity to a single ethernet-wireless adapter.

The mini-hub worked just fine with one of my D-Link DWL-810+'s. The two devices were an XBox and a Dreamcast (with a broadband adapter, obviously).

I have a couple DWL-810+'s (802.11b) that I use with internet-only stuff with an 802.11g SSID. My WLAN is 802.11a though. Whenever I do add a media player, I'll probably want it to use either 802.11a or 802.11g, as the files will be local. Right now, I'm just using a PDA as a "wireless media player". LOL. Literally, just connecting the headphone jack to the stereo while pulling MP3's from a local file server. It works, but as you can imagine, leaves a lot to be desired.

Actually, put off getting a "media player" because I'm hoping that the XBox360 will double nicely as such. I'm not planning on getting an X360 until after the holidays though.

The mini-hub (and its just a generic little $14 "get you in the store" deal) does work the DWL-810+, even though the problems it could have are obvious and of nobody would "support" using it like this. It works even with both devices running simultaneously though. Using it with heavier traffic, i.e. with a media player, very likely would have problems. Never tried, so don't really know.

Cheers, Eric

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