Belkin Wireless G desktop card - not working

Hi all

If anyone can help me with this I would really appreciate it.

My "high-speed mode wireless G desktop network card" (FD57001) has stopped working It was working for just about a week after I installed it. I have been trawling through web forums looking for ideas to get it going again, but to no avail.

Some background info... About six weeks ago I did a big clean-up, including re-installing Windows (2000 Pro). I then re-installed stuff like Norton Internet Security, Office

2000 and other bits and pieces. Then I installed my brand new Belkin router and wifi card without any big problem. Everything worked fine for about a week. I had separate cable and wifi connections (different PCs) to my router working well. I have gone back to the cable connection to my router which gives me internet access. It also allows me to check the router config which looks fine. But my network card is not picking up anything - neither my network, nor my neighbour's. I have WEP-128 enabled on my router, but I don't get the opportunity to enter the key as I can't see the network.

I have read about possible conflicts between the Windows wireless configuration service and the Belkin connection manager, so I disabled the Windows one. But I still don't see my network.

any ideas? thanks in advance


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Enda Rice
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I forgot to mention, the Belkin config utility has a diagnostics tool that

performs a few checks on the card. It tells me that everything is working

fine so I don't believe there is a problem with the card itself (due to

power surges, etc.).


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