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Do you have cable or DSL broadband and a wireless router or access point. Chances are, if you just connected to any wireless signal (not your own) then they may be using security (WEP or WPA), in this case you wont be able to access the internet through them. Download the free wireless program netstumbler at

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and put it on your pc. It will tell you how many connections in range and if they are using securtiy.

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Im a wireless junkie not a lawyer......but if its not secure then give it a try, just dont have any bad intentions

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I got my new laptop yesterday (dell inspirion 8600) with wireless.

As soon as I turned it on and got set up, the computer told me there was an unsecured wireless network available, and would I like to connect, so I did.

Then...nothing. I tried to access the internet, but IE would not use the wireless connection. in the configuration, I only have option for dial-up land and broadband. How do I access the internet once this connection is made?

Thanks, jojo

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Thanks....It's not illegal or anything is connect to an unsecured network?

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