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hello all,

i am not really great with computers but i was successfully able to set up a wireless network in my apartment. i brought a belkin router and notebook card.

the problem is i tried to set up a network so i can access the hard drive on my desktop through my lap top. but it seems that it cant find my computer or network. the lap top is running windows 2k and the desktop is xp pro. i even tried to find the printer but it was a no go. i also tried to map the drive but it cant find my comp.

also on the desktop i tried creating a network through the home networking wizard, it got to the end and it says an error has occured u can try setting it up manually.

any help would be great

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Have you enabled sharing on the drive and printer you are trying to access?

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Andrew Sayers

"Mike" wrote in news:9_1zd.13069$EL5.5515@trndny09:

The link should help.

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Also the Win 2k Pro and the XP Pro computers may be using different NIC (Network Interface Card) protocols preventing them from seeing each other.

You can use the following as the services and protocols on the NIC(s) on both machines:

1) Client services for MS Networks 2) File and Print Sharing for MS networks 3) QoS Packet Scheduler --- XP Pro only 4) Internet Protocol TCP/IP

1, 2 and 4 must match between machines.

Also, you can disable Simple File Sharing on XP Pro which gives it the same look and feel as Win 2K Pro when setting up File Sharing on XP Pro.

Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

Also, it will be easiest to find another computer that's sharing files/printers if both machines belong to the same Workgroup.

Ron Bandes, CCNP, CTT+, etc.

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Ron Bandes

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