network sharing problems!? need help

hi there

i have a desktop and a laptop connected to my router, laptop wireless and desktop wired, before i had the desktop wireless but i changed it :)

anyway the problem is that since i changed the desktop to wired, i cannot access the desktop shared folders from the laptop? but i can access some of the folders on the laptop from the desktop, but i cant paste files into the laptop folders :confused:

i pinged the laptop from the desktop and got nothing, but with an application called "advanced ip scanner" it could notice the laptops ip address as being connected to the network :huh:

so please help me out here, because my brother keeps nagging at me as he wants to copy the vids from my comp lol :)

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If you can access one computer from the other and you can't do the same the other way around, then you have a permissions problem, because the computers are sharing resources. But in some cases, your user account doesn't have the permissions. And I'll assume that's the error message you're getting is

*Access Denied*.

What O/S(s) are these computers using?

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