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Shall I try again. I spelled the word wireles' wrong. Forty seven people read my thread. It was formed as a question. I know a little about wireless and see a bright future. Again, why isn't everyone jumping on board, is it the companies,people,or government which is slowing down the process. pljames

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None of the above, all of the above.

What kind of wireless are you asking about?

Small office/Home - a bright future, nothing to replace it for simplicity and cost.

Free muni-WiFi - pretty much a failed model. Who's going to pay for it?

Paid muni-WiFi - possible, if your sitting in the park outside, but not inside.

Hotspots - A good alternative to cellular wireless, very cheap to deploy and use.

Rural WiFi wireless - Great for rural areas that WiMax won't get to yet.

Cellular wireless - Perfect for roamers that can't depend on a hotspot.

WiMax - A faster kind of cellular wireless.

Just an ad hoc observation...others may have differing opinions.

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Since you continue to ask the same or similar question, I will try to answer and maybe you will stop asking.

Everyone here has jumped on board and enjoys wireless.

Everyone who buys a laptop computer with built in WIFI has the potential to connect to any hotspot.

As far as I am concerned your question has no merit.

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curly Bill

1) Not everyone sees a need to use wireless over hard copper cable. 2) Network speeds are twice as fast over copper pairs. 3) In home wireless can be a pain in the posturer with dead spots. 4) Wiring an office for 100 Mbps copper networking works, every time and first time. Wireless won't always. 5) Copper pairs are far, far, far more secure than a wireless connection. 6) The "bright future" is already here, its merely getting brighter.
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