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The wireless future looks great...but not all are getting on the bandwagon...how come? I am wireless illiterate and see so much potential that I'm almost in tears. Is the hold up a people thing a society thing a business thing or even government thing (God forbid)? Paul

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pljames hath wroth:

Ok, I'll bite. Because wagons went out with horses and mules for transportation. I prefer getting on something faster.

I'm a wireless expert and posting like this bring me to tears. Now we're even.

So far, God and the church have not been directly involved in wireless. There is some rumor that some of the multitude of IEEE

802.11 required devine inspiration as rational thought and logic could not have achieved the same results. I've also petitioned the government (FCC) and various gods to fix some wireless problems. So far, I'm having better luck with the gods.

In 2006, the industry shipped something like 213 million chipsets in the US. I think that's rather a good indication of success.

Hmmm.... I think I found the missing market:

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"21% of all wireless broadband users accessed the Internet in the bathroom"

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Jeff Liebermann

Define wireless...

Short range home and small office networking without wires?

Long range municipal wireless?

Long range rural wireless?


Oh, sorry...I see that you are wireless illiterate, so those questions have no meaning to you.

The 802.11 pre-g.o.d. standard has not been finalized yet. God wants more control over content and the government wants more control over embedded applications. God stock has been moved to a sell item on the stock exchange.

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DTC hath wroth:

That depends on which standards committee meetings you attend. Judaism has been going strong for 5767 years.

I wrote this 10 years ago for a similar discussion:

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Jeff Liebermann

I love your sense of humor,,, you can turn the most mondane discussion into one that's a 'must read'

Bob Smith NA6T

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Bob Smith

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