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Is it possible to have an external hard drive that is reachable only by wireless? Charles

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charles cashion
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Yes, but it won't have screaming performance. What are you trying to do and what equipment do you have to work with? Why does wireless seem like your best option?

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Char Jackson

yup, network attached storage, plugs into a wap router... i have one of these (also works as a printserver)

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Peter Pan


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I have an Apple Extreme router with 1TB hard disk shared plugged into it. Available to PC's and Macs for storage/backup - works a treat via wireless

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Clive Sinclair

I do someting similar - D-Link networked storage attached to Netgear RangeMax Next gigabit edition. Used as a backend file server for shared data and backups. Wireless access from the laptop using

802-11N, also from a couple of old PCs at the other end of the house, gigabit ethernet from the office desktop.

If you do much access via wireless to a hard disk you really want your local network to be as fast as possible. The laptop has a D-Link

802-11N Expresscard which turned out to be much faster than the D-Link and Netgear USB sticks whicg get moved around some older PCs as necessary.
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Christopher A. Lee

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