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Friends, I purchased a new larger hard drive and wish to install it in my Compaq as the only drive but the onlything that came with the machine is the recovery disc - not a operating system - I still have all of the paper work with the numbers but will these be able to install a new operating system on a untouched HD? And how would I go about it ? Thank you so much for your input. Shayn

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David H. Lipman

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reinstalling the operating system and all your programs, get Drive Image (I think that now it is Symantec). I use version 5 and just boot from the emergency floppy, run the program in DOS and copy the old disk image to the new, adjusting the partition size to fit the new disk. Works every time. You will have to install both disks in the computer to do this, with the new disk either on the second IDE channel or as a slave on the primary one. After you transfer the image, make the new disk the primary and remove the old one. You will get everything back just with the new disk. If you have WIndows XP, it will not complain about activation either.


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Your manual or the Compaq website has specific details how to do this.

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