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I want to buy myself a router, that takes in a wan connection and allows few lan connections. the Lan connections should be on ethernet AND on wireless both.

I know, thats a simple thing to buy.

But, I want another feature from the router, which I cant seem to find. (Or may be I am looking for a diff term). I want that my External hard disk should be attached to the router so that its available to the whole internal network as a network disk.

Is that possible ? are there products in market allowing something like that ? Or is my wish something absurd ? better ways of achieving the same thing ?

I think AirPort Express/Extreme from Apple allow something like that. I am a non-apple user and still want similar behaviour..

possible ? too much to ask for ??

pls suggest ..

cheers raghav..

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Buy a drive enclosure with an Ethernet interface and plug it into the router, i.e. a Coolmax CN-350, "

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" Or you can buy a complete drive with an Ethernet interface, i.e. "
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" I do exactly what you're doing.

Remember, the drive will always be on, it doesn't hibernate.

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If you get a usb type drive you can take a look at something like the Linksys NSLU2. I have it working with (2) usb drives. Another nice thing is (if you need/want it) you can access the drives over the internet.

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gene martinez

The file server built in to the Apple AirPort Extreme base station can service both Windows (SMB) and Mac (AFP) clients. The AirPort Express base station has a USB print server but no file server. Apple's Time Capsule integrates an Extreme base station with an SATA hard drive and power supply in a single box.

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Neill Massello

What your looking for is Network Attached Storage or commonly called NAS devices.

The NAS device is basically a computer with a network card and hard drives that you assign an IP address to and are able to access the hard drives from any computer on the network

It's connected to the network via a cat5 cable which you can plug into the router check the link below. NAS storage is operating system flexible. They usually all have the hard drives formatted with FAT32 (similar to the USB convention) but you can format them for apple only or NTFS for Windows XP and above.

formatting link

hope this helps, they are a little pricy and have various options


Roibert Smith Consulting

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Bob Smith

I found something from LinkSys...

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anybody tried something like this ? any experience ?

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