Wireless connectivity in Rink

I'm doing some volunteer work for a Skating organization that need to hook-up several computers together for their new judging system within a Rink.


  1. 5 to 7 computers connected at rink side
  2. 2 computers connected in a dressing room (usually located within
250 ft from rink side) and 1 media controllers (has a RJ-45 connection and nic card in the unit 10/100 mbps)
  1. All the above units (10 units) need to be connected together as a LAN 192.168.0.X
  2. All the above equipment except for the media controller will have wireless capability.
  3. Would like to have all device connected together using wireless technology if possible but also need to have the capability of hooking everything up via cat5e - in case of interference.
  4. Price is also an issue - since this is a non-profit orgnaization.

My initial thoughts was having a switch at both locations (rink side and dressing room) with a wired connection between both switches. I have no experience with wireless devices - so I need your advice on its reliability within a rink and the required equipment . I have seen some D-Link Router such as the di-624 on for $30.00 or so. What would you recommend? Thanks for your help Dan

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