Do I need a wireless bridge?

I have a wireless set up where I use an external antenna connected to an Orinoco wireless card in my PC. On the other end about 600 feet away my cousin has an Orinoco Gateway which connects to the ethernet LAN and to the ADSL modem . Both my cousin and I have shared the ADSL connection for two years now and I could not be happier with the performance We have used the NAT server in the Orinoco Gateway with private static IP's for his computers and mine.

But, I will be needing to add a second computer on my side of the wireless LAN and since the external antenna is quite a set up, I would like to know if it may be possible to use a wireless router like the linksys type which has 4 ethernet ports and the wireless capability. Connect the external antenna to the linksys and connect my two computers to the ethernet ports.

Will this work to be able to continue sharing the DSL connection via the Orinoco Gateway? I would continue using private IP addresses within the LAN range for the Linksys and for the ethernet clients. And the Orinoco Gateway IP would continue to be the gateway to the Internet. Plus I don't need to have communication between my cousin's ethernet computers and mine. Just be able to share the Internet connection.

I just don't know if the linksys acts as a conventional ethernet hub would in both the ethernet and the wireless connection. Or do I need a bridge?

Does anyone know if this is possible? In case it isn't any suggestions will be appreciated.



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John Wrate
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Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) might work in your case. It allows several computers to share one connection. Do a search on it there is alot of info about it.

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