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I have a sweex router/modem and a d-link wireless usb adapter.My card is only about 6 foot away from router and the signal is always up and down from

54mbps to 24mbps , but its at 24 most of the time usually.I am wanting to know would I be better with a pci wireless network card rather than a usb wireless adapter when it comes to geting a good steady and high signal.And where I have it there is no walls obstructing the way of signal.
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Unless you have a DS3 connection to the Internet (or something like that) your WIFi speed doesn't really make any difference. Of course it will matter on your internal (LAN) network.

Typical home Internet modems (DSL or cable) max at around 10 megs right now, supposed to go higher in the future.

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Joseph Stewart


Unlikely, your PC case will more then likely get in the way of the signal. First of all take a 5 x 10" piece of card cover it in aluminium foil, bent it in half at an acute angle (45deg) and place it behind the D-Link adapter facing the router. Furthermore experiment with position of the adapter and the router. Higher is usually better. You should end up with steady signal and full 54Mb/s. If not you may have interference of some kind, possibly another WiFi in the vicinity. Regards, Martin

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