D link wireless router

I think someone may be trying to use my wireless router to access Usenet.

I have been getting 502 errors when I try to access Usenet using Agent.

Charter is my ISP and they said to reset my router.

I pressed the wireless reset button on the front and pressed the reset button in the back.

I still get a 502 error.

Can I try something else?


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Unplug it from power for a few minutes. Will cause a power-on reset. Standard "remedy" which may or may not help.


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Does you Dlink wireless router have a model number? You'll find it on the front panel or the serial number tag. Extra credit for the hardware version number found on the serial number tag (unless it's v1 where it's not mentioned).

If your unspecified model router supports WPA or WPA2 encryption, please use it. That is usually sufficient to keep hackers like me out of your system.

That would be Forte Agent. Any particular version? Are you connecting to multiple NNTP hosts? Error 502 in NNTP means you're trying to connect to too many hosts or run too many parallel streams at the same time. It can also result in an authentication error when one of the streams is trying to login to a host and fails. It's all in the FAQ:

Is Charter still in business? They file for Chapter 11 protection in late March.

Lovely. You're probably now set to the default setting of your unspecified model Dlink router. That means you have a wide open wireless router which anyone in the neighborhood can use. You might want to spend some time reading the manual and learning how to setup the router. Also, how to save and restore the settings after support tells you to do something ridiculous.

Well, at least it's consistent.

Sure. Burnt offerings, human sacrifice, invocation of the ancestral spirits, fervent prayer, flagellation, and purchasing a replacement router have all been know to work in the past. However, I don't think these will do as much as a Google search for "agent 502 error" which found the answer in a few seconds.

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Jeff Liebermann

Seeing that you have pressed the reset button, get out your installation manual and disk and treat this as a new installation of your router. You have reset your router back to factory defaults and have most likely wiped out your network protection from intruders.

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Bogey Man

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