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I want to know if I can mix ad-hoc and infrastructure mode in one network. My setup is as follows:

Server : Wired NIC, Wireless NIC (ad-hoc), USB ADSL Notebook : Wireless NIC (ad-hoc) PDA : Wireless NIC(ad-hoc) Desktop Clients : Wired NIC

My Server routes internet traffic from for and internal traffic between the wired and wireless networks which reside on different sub-nets. Now I plan to purchase a device which has a build-in

10/100Mb NIC (DreamBox 7020), I want this device to have access to the network but it will far from the wired network therefore I was considering going wireless. My question is, can I by an Access Point and connect it directly to the DreamBox and have my ad-hoc wireless network function correctly or will I have to switch to infrastructure mode.

I am concerned about the quality of the signal to the Access Point and that is why I am hesitant about switching to infrastructure mode (I know this sounds strange and maybe my logic is failing me here). Currently I have good wireless coverage on top floor in the house The signal to the lower floor is spotty, however there is a spot with good signal quality and this is where I will place the access point. However I am concerned that not all areas on the upper floor will have a good signal to the access point on the lower floor and there by reduce my coverage on the upper floor in the case that I switch to infrastructure mode.

Does any of that make sense?

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