Setup WPA PSK on WRT54G, but notebook still connects with no securty!

Hey everyone, I'm trying to setup WPA PSK and on the router side, it all looks fine.

However my notebook finds my SSID (i'm broadcasting for now) and connects with no security settings at all, properties of connection state no encryption, open authentication.????

Anyone have an idea what's going on? I'm using the DD-WRT v23 firmware if that's anyhelp.

Johny B

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Is there any chance there's another AP with that same SSID out there? Even one with broadcast turned off?

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William P.N. Smith

Ever consider the possibility that your laptop client is mis-reporting the connection status? I played with a Belkin F5D7001 PCMCIA card that did exactly that. It reported all connections as not-encrypted.

"Open Authentication" is something different. It has to do with whether the system also uses the shared encryption key for partial authentication. The choices are usually "open" or "shared key". Shared key is a security risk as sniffing it give excessive clues as to the contents of the shared key. Open is considered to be the safer choice.

dd-wrt 2.3 is still in beta testing. Releases still seem to be arriving almost daily but the announcement on the home page implies that it's just about ready to be declared stable. Along the way, there were some bugs that involved WPA. I don't recall that this is one of them, but it might be worth updating to a later release and see if it fixes the problem.

Change log. Search for WPA.

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Jeff Liebermann

As for disabling the SSID - waste of time. Besides, having the SSID enebaled will prevent other in your area trying to use the same channel and causing interference.

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