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Can anyone help me configure a wireless network with XP and Vista. It does not use any access points, but it is a permanent ad-hoc network.

The computers connect to the network successfully, but they don't see one another. File sharing is enabled on both computers.

One is running XP Home Service Pack 2, and the other is running Windows Vista Home Premium Service pack 1.

I also have a LAN cable, but I cannot get Vista to run the network connection wizard.

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Joe Soap
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Im not sure those two statements make sense together. In an ad-hoc network, the "network" /is/ the other computer.

Do you mean that windows does its usual and lies to you about having found a network? It will say this even when it hasn't successfully connected to a network. Is it perhaps connecting to someone else's Access Point? Can you ping either machine from the other? What are their IP addresses? What is the default gateway on the two machines?

File sharing enabled, identical user accounts on both PCs, firewalls configured to allow file and print sharing.

Why not, what happens?

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Mark McIntyre

Joe ..For those two see each other they must have the same WorkGroup. The default workgroup name in XP is different that the default workgroup name in VISTA. JPS

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Well, you had better head on over to MS.Public.Windows.Vista.Networking at msnews.micorsoft.com, which should be a part of Windows Mail (MS Communities) on Vista, or you can get there via a browser interface too.

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Mr. Arnold

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