problem - can't find wireless network

Help! (please)

Have a pc with a wireless pc network card; up until recently it was connecting quite happily to the home wireless network. 2 other pc's connect fine wirelessly too. This pc has decided it can't find any network (it used to find at least 3, including the right one). Broadcasting SSID doesnt help. Typing in the SSID to the Wireless Network Properties to tell it to connect to this network doesnt help as it doesn't 'save' it - next time you open the dialog box, it's gone! Any thoughts? Thanks

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what have you changed.............

have you added SP3 maybe....that plays tricks with some cards in my case d-Link.

if you have not change anything and other comps are Ok then I might suspect hardware.

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Not aware anything had been changed.... but tracked down the problem: somehow the IP addressed assigned to the card had changed dramatically; manually assigned it a correct no. within the range of 50 allowed by the router, and it all works fine now. Dunno how it got changed, but thanks for your reply & your interest in solving my problem :o)

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