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I just bought a nice laptop and sometimes I am roaming around. I see access points in my detected list, but I can't connect to them. Is there any way I can find out what IP address block to use when I connect to that access point?

Ie, is there a utility that would show me broadcast packets from, so that I can know that I should use something in that range?

Does anyone have any other useful utilities or websites for using wifi? Perhaps something that makes things easier or a website with tips on connecting up with wifi to one of these unsecured networks?

I am using windows xp home edition...


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NETSTUMBLER Google it...

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If you can't even connect, then presumably the access point is closed (secured), making IP irrelevant. The normal process is:

  1. Connect.
  2. If the system isn't open, authenticate (validate your key).
  3. Obtain IP address by DHCP.

Setting a fixed IP address, in the right block or not, won't help you to connect.

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