Linksys WRT54GS Performance

19.7Mbits/sec for the WRT54G. See:
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33.7Mbits/sec for the WRT54GS. See:
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other WEB100 NDT server. Look at the "More Details" and "Statistics" buttons and see if they're complaining about MaxMTU, RWIN, or other parameters. Also try:
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see if it also complains about MaxMTU, RWIN, etc. This is probably NOT the problem since the directly connected computah works as expected, but it's worth a try to see if something related is screwed up.

Any chance that you might be:

  1. Running 10mbits/sec on the PC or router ethernet port? 10baseT-HDX will yield about 6Mbits/sec maximum. 10baseT-FDX will do up to about
  1. Running 100baseTX-HDX (half duplex)? (NWAY failure) This will result in erratice thruput. You can see the errors with: Start -> run -> cmd netstat -es | more
  2. Have you tweaked the default receive window (RWIN) for the increased speed?
  3. Borrow a different computer and see if it does the same thing.
  4. Crappy cables?
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Jeff Liebermann
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Can anyone tell me the maximum forwarding rate for a Linksys WRT54GS between its WAN port and the wired LAN ports.

My ISP has just upgraded my Internet bandwidth from 4Mb to 10Mb and I haven't seen much improvement - I've have traced the problem to my ageing SMC 7004WBR router which seems unable to forward data faster than 5.3Mb between its WAN ports and wired 100Mb LAN switch ports. (I've been running the speed test at

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to check my connection speed.)

Removing the router and plugging the PC directly into my cable modem I get speeds of 9.7Mb, so I'm looking for a replacement router - potentially the Linksys WRT54GS - that's capable of forwarding faster than this so that I can see the benefit of the ISP upgrade on my LAN.



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it appears he is testing a very old version of the linksys wrt54g. comparing the description of his unit with the the wrt54g autopsy at, it looks like he used a rev 1 hardware unit. the wrt54g is up to rev 5 hardware now, and recent models have a much faster cpu (roughly twice as fast) along with other enhancements. thus, i'd expect a current wrt54g to be substantially faster than what this review indicates. his review of the gs is more recent, and that is probably a good guide as to how well a current model wrt54g would perform.

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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the info and the pointers to the Tomshardware reviews.

Have run the tests on the sites you suggested and all looks fine. I'm running

100Mb FDX into my router so no problems there and all cables are CAT5 and less than 6 feet so all points to the router to me. Have a couple of hardwired PCs on the LAN here and both suffer the same way so all points to the router in my mind.

Have just ordered a Linksys WRT54GS which will hopefully resolve the problem when delivered in a couple of days time.

Many thanks for your help.


Jeff Liebermann wrote:

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