What wifi connection software to use?

Hello all! Can anyone recomend any good wifi connection managers to use? I am wanting to run it on a Tablet PC running Windows XP that has a built in Orinoco wifi card.

My predicament is that about every 5-10 minutes windows xp will drop the connection for 10-20 seconds when I let windows configure my wifi connection.

For a background on what I have, I have a SMC router with wifi built in and two computers that connect to it via wifi. One of the computers uses a linksys pci card and the other uses a usb smc device. On those two computers I use the Linksys and SMC system tray utility for connecting the wifi access. Neither has ever had a problem.

This tablet pc has no such "3rd party" connection software. I read tons of posts and reviews that tell you to use the 3rd party software and turn off allowing windows to configure the wifi if you have drops in connection.

Also, I know it is not the hardware because I can connect via wifi to either PC via "ad hoc" connection and the connection never drops one time.



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Normally you should use the software from the manufacturer of the device you are using.

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