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The case is the following: a D-link DWL-4300 router, in which I have set up rules for accessing the networks (LAN and WLAN).

For testing purposes, I am adding an (wired) access point to cover a remote location, where there is no signal from the D-link anymore.

Do the LAN rules apply to the machines connecting the the new access point, or should I state new rules in the access point itself?

For example, would a MAC address filter for wired computers on the D-link router apply to the computers connecting to the new access point, but receiving the IP address from the D-link router ?

Thanks, Lorenzo

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Lorenzo Sandini
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The LAN rules apply, but I suppose I should ask what the LAN rules are. As you may know, MAC address filtering is among the weakest of the available security measures and is more of an administrative headache than anything else.

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Char Jackson

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