WPS54GU2 - no wireless connection

I wonder if anyone can help, as I'm a bit confused with my new wireless print server.

I connected it to the wired LAN to configure it, then disconnected the LAN cable and let it loose to run wirelessly.

When I plug the LAN cable in it works okay, wired and wireless PCs can print to it (the wireless PCs are connecting through a D-Link AP2100, which is connected to the same LAN as the WPS54GU2.

But with no LAN connected, irt does nothing.

On one of the wireless PCs I installed the print server driver software, found the print server (LAN connected) and printed to it. But not when the LAN is disconnected.

And on the other PCs I haven't installed this driver, they can still print over the LAN, but not wirelessly, of course.

Also, I have powered it down and up between removing the LAN cable and trying to use it wirelessly.

If I power it up with the LAN cable in the WLAN LED doesn't light, but if I power it up without the LAN connected the WLAN LED does light (flickers, actually), but no connection.

One point I noticed is that there is only 1 IP address. I had expected there to be 1 for LAN & 1 for WLAN, so I'm confused by that.

So, is it broke or am I doing something wrong?

BTW, the printer is a HP LJ4105 connected through a parallel cable.


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It sounds like ordinary wireless configuration issues. Is the print-server set to infrastructure mode? Do the WEP settings match those on the AP?

This is normal. You can only have one connection from the print-server to the the network: either wired or wireless.

This is normal. You can only use one of the connection types at a time: wired or wireless. So there's no need for two IP addresses. Even if the device allowed both connections simultaneously, this isn't a router, so the connections would be bridged, and only one IP address would be needed.

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