Need help connecting here too!

Ok. Here's what I got going....

A DSL Modem in my daughters room where the MAIN LINE COMES IN AT, feeding into a D-Link WIRED ROUTER.

The wired router then feeds into three other places and the fourth feeds into the living room where the DI-514 WIRELESS is at. I got three ports going to other stuff, but I want to set up the wireless for my PC right across from it about 5 feet away.

I tried to set it up, and get an excellent signal strength, I can get it to connect, but I can't get it to go online when clicking explorer! So I went into my daughters room and did the start, run, cmd, ipconfig/all thing and found that the D-Link IP address in her room is IDENTICAL to the D-LINK address in the living room (which I believe is the problem as two devices can't use the same Ip address).

So here goes my question....

How can I change he DI-514's IP ADDRESS to something totally different so it will connect to the internet (if indeed that is the problem at all)?

If it's not the problem, are there any other ideas as to what the problem could be?

Thanks for all the help in advance, as my daughters room works perfect so I know I'm already more than halfway to the solution....



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I'll take a shot at this-

You want to disconnect the wireless from the wired router and configure it directly.

First, run ipconfig, from a pc connected to the WIRED router. Note the IP address for the gateway/main router. Say it's

Now, check what the DEFAULT address of your DI-514 is after reset. Should be the address above.

Go into network connections for your Local Area Connection>properties>

TCP/IP properties and assign an address in the same subnet, say Click on subnet to allow it to auto fill and then give it a gateway of

Disconnect the DI-514 from your local network. Reset it to default factory settings. Connect a pc to one of it's LAN ports with an ethernet cable. Type in it's default address into your browser and then access it's user interface using the default name and password. From there you can change it's LAN address to something else, say

You might also want to turn off the DHCP and the firewall. Let the main router give out addresses.

Finally, reconnect the wireless to the wired via LAN port on BOTH of them (typically).

Test wireless connectivity with security off, then enable WPA or better security.


"The following reset procedure will completely restore the default settings on your D-Link device including your password. This procedure applies to the DI-514, DI-524, DI-604, DI-614+, DI-624, DI-754, DI-764, DI-774, DI-784, DI-804V, DWL-700AP, DWL-800AP+, DWL-900AP+, DWL-1000AP+, DWL-2000AP, DWL-2100AP, DWL-6000AP, DWL-7000AP, and DWL-7100AP.

Step 1 Locate the reset pinhole on the back of the unit.

Step 2 With the unit powered on, press and hold the Reset button.

Step 3 Hold the Reset button for about 10 seconds.

Step 4 Release the Reset button.

Step 5 The unit will reboot. Allow 20-30 seconds before reconnecting.

Step 6 The device is now at factory defaults.

Note: Do not recycle power during the reset procedure.

The default user name for most D-Link devices is admin and the password is left blank."

- NOTE,could be the opposite - user is blank and pw is admin. Check the manual.

Default gateway address should be

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Rereading this, I see that I was not clear the the pc you are assigning an address to is the same one that you will use to configure the wireless router by direct ethernet connection.

You could probably get away with skipping this step at the beginning, at least, but it's a good idea.

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