Wired vs Wireless bandwidth question

I have cable Internet access with a Dlink DI-524 router. When I check
the bandwith , wired computers get about 4.1 meg. My laptop, an
Inspiron 9300, gets about 1.5 meg. I place the laptop a foot away from
the router, new drivers. I have tried a PCMIA wireless NIC and even a
friends router (D-Link DWL-2100AP). All with the same results. When I
wire the laptop I get 4.1 meg.
Is this typical? Should I not expect 4meg bandwidth?
Thanks Monty
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what is the speed of your internet connection ? unless you frequently move files from or across the lan with the wifi laptop, would think the average speed mostly will be computed from the internet connection speed.
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It's not typical. Something is very wrong. I'll assume it's 4.1Mbits/sec and 1.5Mbits/sec for wired and wireless respectively. 4.1Mbits/sec is about right for a 6Mbit/sec cable modem connection. However, your should get exactly the same performance from wireless. At 54Mbits/sec connection, you should get about half that in wireless throughput.
The DWL-2100AP is an access point, not a router. But that doesn't matter here. If you see the same problem with both your own and your friends wireless router/AP, then there's probably nothing wrong with the router or AP. That leaves the laptop.
I'll assume that the wireless device in the Dell Inspiron 9300 is 802.11g. If so, you should get exactly the same speed as with wired since the cable modem is the bandwidth limiting factor.
I can't tell from here what's broken in the laptop. It's not some program or worm sucking CPU cycles because that would also show up with a wired connection. My best guess is that it's either a defective wireless card, or driver issue. What type of wireless card and are you sure you have the latest driver?
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Jeff Liebermann
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Or a configuration issue.
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John Navas

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