wi-fi - how to get on my wireless network?

Can you help me out with a trouble shooting?

I have just installed my wi-fi modem yesterday at the moment, I using the internet through a cable plugged into the router I have set up the wireless network now, the challenge for me is to get onto the wireless

- and skip the cable to my modem

the challenge: I don't know how where to find my wep or wpa key

- and furthermore, I don't which password to use in order to access the wireless network from my laptop

can you give me some advice from that description please note, I'm not any advanced or intermediate user!

Kind regards,

Allan Tyrrestrup

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Allan from Denmark
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If you don't know where to find how to set your encryption, then you don't need a password to access your network from your laptop.

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what kind of wi-fi modem do you have? what steps have you taken? what page/section of the manual are you stuck on? what page/section of the vendors support pages are you stuck on? what happened when you called tech support?

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Allan from Denmark wrote in news:9b718dcf-8329-4aeb-ae83- snipped-for-privacy@w4g2000prd.googlegroups.com:

That's why electronic devices come with a user manual.

It might be an electronic copy, but still a manual none-the-less.

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The router came with a quickstart guide, or a setup section in it's manual. Read it.

RTFM, once again...

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Bill Kearney

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